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A question for my fellow group members...

10 Years Ago

If you are a practicing wiccan, how did you get started?

Re: A question for my fellow group members...

10 Years Ago

I was born and raised Roman Catholic and I was never really "sold" on all the beliefs.  After I went out on my own I just started doing lots and lots of research.  It started with  They had this survey that asked you a bunch of questions and based on your answers it told you what religion most of your beliefs fell under.  I was surprised to learn that most of my beliefs fell under the Pagan category.  So, I reasearched - a lot!  I was even more suprised to learn that once I understood it; The Wiccan Path was where I was "supposed to be" all along.  I mostly practice solitary becuase I "get lost" in my rituals and I love that.  A few years ago I did join a Unitarian Universalist Fellowship that has a Pagan Intrest Group - oddly enough - I am the co-chair of it now.  We hold monthly rituals in a group setting which I really do enjoy - but, for me, it's not quite the same (Our Annual Margarita Ritual is the exception to this. LOL).  I can't get lost the way I do when I practice on my own.  I think that kind of takes away from it a little bit.