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Look Out Werewolves and Vampires, There's a New Terrifying Monster and It Loves the Dead

1 Year Ago

I am working on developing outlines for my collection of books about Werehyenas. Werehyenas are most similar to werewolves and can shift from a large hyena, werehyena, and human-like form with large ears, hyena tail, and purple gray skin. They live in a matriarchal culture that values keeping strong ties with their dead clan mates by communicating with them through bones and fire. They believe that when they die they will live on in the Spirit World to fight the demon Xolotl, destroyer of the mortal realm. There are also certain members with the power to use Voodoo-like magic.

I wrote this collection to write to market, but I am afraid that I made the story too unique by focusing on the werehyenas. What do you think of the concept of werehyenas? More info can be provided.

I am currently developing one of the prologue outlines. I decided to outline all the prologue books which explains the development of my antagonist, Zool, and how he killed almost all the werewolves using forbidden magic as vengeance for his family being abducted and brought to a new world. It will setup the reason for the antagonist, why werewolves mistrust werehyenas, and creates background to the characters in my main series (which I plan to make paranormal romance between a werehyena matriarch and werewolf alpha male).