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Parted Waters Main Characters: An Introduction

10 Years Ago

Parted Waters is the romance adventure tale about twin
princesses Yalipha and Kadja; their coming of age,
the mystery, magic and intrigue surrounding their
lives in the Shagorrian Empire where their mother the
High Queen Zhapphira rules, and the mystical Southern
World beyond the sea.
 A myraid of characters flow from scene to scene in the mind's eye, the most prominent of which are the princesses Yalipha and Kadja, and the High Queen Zhapphira, the ruling Seat of Power of Cle'Abar and the Shagorrian Empire.   The great High King Ethaen ruled before she and the late King Ushaq Mendraal.  Ushaq was her husband, the fierce leader of Ghorl and Aschrel who had seized the throne upon Ethaen's sudden death. Unfortunately his death was to follow the great king's, and Zhaphirra ascended the Seat.     S'Karen Al Erideus is a stranger from the Southern World, a mysterious warrior who is recognised by the servant girl, Lisba Moren, a worker in the palace. She believes he is her kinsman, she a member of a secret alliance against the present ruling monarchs.   Prince Nanmael is heir to the Quesian throne. He is a guest at the royal banquet at Cle'Abar, the huge feast in honor of the twin princesses coming of age. He arrives the capital city with the Quesian Royal Household; King Hyudal and Queen Juora, his parents,and his cousins; Nial the black-haired 'rascal', and the fair Aasden, Quesia's 'radiant star', who had been betrothed to his late brother Rothimus.   Nial is a plotter with a head full of schemes. He is seeking out Chief Torban and the leaders of the secluded Ornean Islands that lie between the Western and the Southern Worlds.   Ani Treidhark, S'Karen's oath-brother, is on a quest to find a wild-power wielder on one of these Isles. Both of them, and the war-monks with them, report to the Vaene Citadal, central fortress of Ae'Anisia in the Southern World.   And the Southern World is filled with magic called 'The Ways'. There is a leading council ofseven men and seven women who direct and govern 'The Ways', distinguised by the colorcoded cloths of each of their Houses.   Fal'Enai is an island girl who journeys South from the West, just as S'Karen had done yearsago, only she's different. For while he had arrived the Southern shores clueless about magic, she has a history with it, bringing the Fire, her blood connection to the chaos that had been loosened on Wiera Earth a long time ago during the age the Bowl was broken.   Wiera Earth stirs. Aereka, the great evil, is awakening.  For the most part the West lets magic sleep. For the most part, for there is Lord Baen, the High Queen's counsellor. Quesian laws border the mystical but only just.The tales of old swirl around them as simple legend and myth; Tur'Eraj Midis and Lyckaal, ancient figments, have their places on palace murals and weathering temples but nothing more.    The Shaggorians live in despair under oppresive rule. They seek a savior, and remember the gods with sorrow.