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6 Years Ago

Hello. I'm new in this group. My name is Pao and I am currently a student of Multimedia Arts. Now that the introductions are done, let's get back to business.

I am currently doing my thesis project which is a comic with the themes of Altruism and Objectivism being present in the story line. So far I am in the research stage of my project and the data suggests people are interested in Sci-fi, Action-Adventure, and Fantasy.

Bottomline, I am in need of a writer specifically in the genres of Sci-fi, Action-Adventure, and Fantasy to help me come up with the storyline. This thing pro bono. The only thing I could pay you in return is the coffee for every meet-up; and well have the work published with your name as co-author.

Think about it, your first tangible work, glorified in comic form and distributed nationwide.

So whoever is interested, please contact me through [email protected] and I will give you the specifics.