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One Iowa Applauds Washington State’s New Marriage Law

10 Years Ago

One Iowa Applauds Washington State’s New Marriage Law
Statement from Troy Price, One Iowa Executive Director

Des Moines, IA—Today, Governor Christine Gregoire signed a marriage equality bill into law, making Washington the seventh state to extend the freedom to marry to gay and lesbian couples. Last week, the House of Representatives voted to send the bill to the governor’s desk, 55-43. Opponents are already gathering signatures to place a referendum on the ballot.

One Iowa Executive Director Troy Price issued the following statement:

“Today, One Iowa is proud to welcome Washington state to the growing number of states that recognize the love and commitment of gay and lesbian couples. For the past three years, Iowans have enjoyed the benefits of marriage equality. Our law has strengthened families, children, and has brought in much needed revenue into our economy. It has hurt no one.

One Iowa thanks Governor Gregoire for her leadership to stand up and make equality the law of the land.  She truly is a leader who represents ALL Washingtonians. While there may be those who are already trying to take this away from loving and committed couples and their families, last week’s Proposition 8 court ruling from the Ninth Circuit showed that it is wrong and unfair to put the fundamental rights of citizens up for a simple majority vote. We stand by the governor, by fair-minded Washingtonians, and we celebrate this law.”

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