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What do you guys think of this poem? Please, honest answers

1 Year Ago

Title: FOR ONE NINE - James George 

For one Nine
The familiar tale of one man
Who raved and raved on
because he wanted the digits turned

I said we couldn't work out
And that you could never meet up 
But a bold statement was rock hard
And an ego from Ten grew up

He comes macho man ready
To make it work between us 
Here come the man daring
To take this walk to release us

I can. I will. Trust me, he said
But he never did or ever does
Never has, never will cross
Psychical? No. Soothsayer? Not likely 

Prove me if I be wrong
You liar of a man. You lie
You lied when you lied.
It's a lie each and every time 
Because you needed just one Nine.

You lied to make me feel
Lied to make me cling 
To this hope that was not real
And the Nine you needed in digits 

Nine digits for a biliion
No limits with my Bullion
You determined to make this cut
And that, at any cost

Ten was the score as you said
Ten, you told me since age Ten
Now you're bent on that Nine
Nine all along as you lie all along.

I'll make the dial for you
And be glad to tell on you
To end this mockery on my mind
As I watch you end up behind bars

For one Nine
You've struggled all your life
To gain; to pay; to play
Every one for your selfish gain. 

But you only needed one
Just one approval 
One snippet per time
To reach that one Nine

For one Nine
You embraced the curse for your pursuit
And now you're on the run from lawsuits
Because for one Nine you became 419
(the Trickster)