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Her Achilles

4 Years Ago

Her Achilles Author J. Michael Buchanan 11/25/10    

The moon full, above my bedroom window,
cloud covered- and through these pieces
I see glass and perfect pane. Rain droplets
round; a landscape born of sand and sorrow.  

An hour glass sits silently still, void of time;
a treasure, lost in translation, tempered by
ambrosia and fire; and She immersed
in the sacred waters of Styx; Her Achilles.  

And thus, born by promise, a long glorious
life bargained, drawn back- a current left
unhealed, whispers of Apollo’s arrow, innate.
Eyes of Paris; the fate of Achilles soul impaled.   

As Venus holds vigil, a vain repose, reminds
Her - images of Echo in a lonely glen;
Her voice reflects and faintness endures
to tempt, The Fates to lift, to heal,  Her Achilles