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Brand new here....

11 Years Ago

Shell...(aka San Francisco Diary) 3/25/2009
Just for now...Let me be silent
Let me pretend
To be silent
Here with your shell
And to keep vigil
Against reality
Against time
And stare into the darkness
Of the starless sky
Of the endless night
Of your sightless eyes
Just for awhile...
Let me remember
Earlier this evening
Of our frantic dance
Searching O`Farrell street
For our agent of vice
Our merchant of death
Our angel of mercy
Time running out...the sickness upon us
Desperate for the ticket back home
For a few minutes longer...
Let me recall
The absolute joy
Of our eventual victory...of procurement
In that damp alley
Of chemical relief...of salvation
The illusion of hope
And just for awhile longer...
Let me forget
Running the gauntlet
Of painted w****s and crooked cops
To secure our fortress
Paid for by the hour
An asylum for the lost souls of the night
In this city
And of the final relief
With the push of the plunger
And the warm blanket of darkness
The cessation of all
The miracle of nothingness....silence
And upon my awakening...the hazy discovery
That I have made the return trip alone
So let me lay...
Here with your shell
The blood stilled...and wonder
If a remnant of you is here with me still
Before the tainted light of day
Arrives like a judge...accusing
And passing the sentence of reality
Of lucidity
Of guilt
Soon my love...I will go
Back to the bridge
Before the coroners call
Before the dawn
But not just yet
I still have an hour left
On this room of death