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9 Years Ago

I Scream
I Scream

The tears you cry now flow down my cheek
I felt your shiver come down my spine
I stand out my hand; you’re not there to hold it
Yet it seems if I turn my face you’ll kindly greet me; smiling
In my dreams I call to you and you come running
On the bottom of the bottle you’re drowning
I must drink
To save you, I kill myself gradually
I am numb, but you’re my senses
I look back and see myself at the table
Mug in hand, broken and disabled
Converting chemically to something unknown
Distressed for being alone

Never heard the sound of quietness such like this
It was never too long before you gave me a kiss
I scream
I make no sound
I am alone in the room there is no one around
I scream

Four forty it shows and the it hasn’t moved in days
I have kept it company, time has my sympathy
It feels alone, as if no one was watching
I am closer to saving you, the bottle is vacant
I try in a reiterated form to get to you
I sink underneath the surface of the flask
Trying to find our way back

I wake up
Four forty it shows, it hasn’t moved in days
Empty bottles on the table, from which I’ve been enslaved
I look to the side, my eyes cannot adjust
Four forty it shows, as I stare at the clock