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7 Years Ago

Hello fellow humans and the aliens masquerading as humans.

My name is Ryan, but most folks call me Razza.
I’m 25 years old.

During my 25 years on this earth I’ve went through a lot of changes (I’m not talking about puberty don’t be so immature)... changes both philosophically, socially, spiritually and emotionally.

I am quite politically focused, I have no political allegiance…my allegiance is eternally to “freedom”, “equal rights” and “happiness” for ALL of humanity.

I am a firm believer in science and the scientific process; I believe that everything aesthetic can be explained quite simply by basic scientific knowledge. The things that we are currently unable explain are, perhaps, not ready to be understood by us.

I am also not religious, although I am spiritual. I believe in the power of love and positive energy, I strongly believe that the evolution of our species has presented us with both opportunities and struggles.

And I am of the belief that in the very near future all of humanity will be presented with an opportunity for change, change in both the way we treat each other and ourselves, as well as a change in our own opinion of our universal selves and our place in existence.


I've been through a fair bit of crap in my life but also been extremely blessed, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people.
I’ve experienced a lot of good and bad things, I believe in learning from mistakes, never regret anything because everything you experience in life makes you who you are....

I know for a fact that every day is a gift and no matter how s****y it might seem, there’s always someone who’s having a shitter day.

Peace, Love & Strength to you all.