Pollute Creativity


it�s what we do.

you see,
we�re just a bunch of messed up kidz. with a couple extra thoughts curled up in our fingertips.
like you.
join us
if you can
snap a sweet p h o t o
write a sweet story
sketch a sweet picture.
we�ll throw these things together
stitch them up with words and cheap notebook paper
[70 pages of it]
like a quilt.
but we�d rather call it a journal.
this journal-
it will travel.
we�ll leave them for people
like us
to find.
to read.
to love.
to continue.

we�ll make 30,000 more
and make strangers happy on rainy Mondays.

send us your beautiful works of art.
no talent required.
just a puddle of inspiration drowning your pretty feet
The What [in simple form]

We are PolluteCreativity7654321

Nobody Anybody Everybody

Inspired to do something more than we usually do over the summer.

We are just two people connected to a larger group of people who like to do creative things.

The goal is to acquire a large group of people who send us some of their stuff such

as journals



short stories

and cute doodles


to put in a larger journal of everyones stuff with blank pages ending.

we will leave them randomly in public places

and hopefully they will spread and be added on to

we don't pretend that this will succeed with the first few journals

but hopefully with time

they will spread

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Dear Stranger

May 16, 2008 - June 16, 2008

Dear Stranger



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