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What could be better than a group of wanna-be writers coming together, and respectfully telling each other how much they love/hate one another’s writing. It could only be better in fact, if it was for CHARITY! A group where “writers” can learn from each other, and also build some form of entraining intangible good to sell to the pubic, and donate the proceeds.

It could only get better if, this were some kind of situation where you could get out of the group what you put in. A situation where whether a person is poet, an editor, a fiction jockey, a non-fiction monkey, and a script dramatist could congregate with the same kinds of beasts influence and pass ideas. If the situation lends it’s services to beef up an MFA Application, and/or craft skill sets, then let it be! If it is writing and it is creative, let it be! Metaphors that may apply: 1.) Hungry tigers (newly escaped from the zoo, of course) teaching each other creative ways hunt, 2) Robots, that through the advent of A.I., teach one another art 3) (something else creative and clever)

Well, what if I were to tell you that this concept is no hypothetical. That is real! It is cooler than a hypothetical. It is a HYPERthetical. We are PCWG, Portland Creative Writing Group, and we are the metaphor.

(This blurb is subject to change)

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