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7 Years Ago

I'm a compulsive liar, I do it for fun, I do it to get out of trouble. I use my attractiveness, friendly nature, piercing gaze, way with words and a handful of tricks I've developed to convince other people of untruths. I've done it for personal gain. I honestly haven't used it to pick up women, I've embellished, but never outright lied. Which I find kind of interesting. I'm really good: I don't break eye contact, have no nervous ticks, and can keep a straight face saying the most absurd of fabrications. People believe me nearly 100% of the time too. It's become harder for me to tell the truth than lie most of the time these days. I still consider myself a very good person though, and I do my best to keep myself out of situations that I can use my devilish talent. People don't really know I've lied until I tell them, which I do quite often after I get what I want or keeping the lie is pointless. Kinda relieving, I have a lot of skeletons. Maybe I'll post more later.