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Hello there...

12 Years Ago

I've noticed that things aren't very active at the moment, but I figure that may mean everyone is busy writing then. Hopefully, so I thought I'd drop in and say hello myself.
Currently I'm working on a triple project, but haven't settled on which of the three I want to develop more. So I've posted some of my stories, a prologue with a working title of Dark Path, which still needs a title for the book before I can add further.

I also started a Book called A Bond of Blood which is currently trying to write itself with me reigning it in as much as possible. Nothing worse than dealing with a run away story...
So that is what's going on with my writing...other areas of my life are not doing as well...especially the financial part.
There is truth to the saying starving my bank acct is terminally ill and I'm afraid that some disconnections are in my future if I don't start getting a larger income.

But that is a depressing issue that I prefer not to dwell on at this time. I'm far more excited with my current scribblings. I would love any feedback on them if any one cares to review them.

Thanks for reading my posting...and I'm glad to be in the group.