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New Writer

9 Years Ago

I just joined this site in an effort to share my story.I found this site WritersCafe and it looks perfect for what I am trying to do. I am simply trying to share a story and through it get feedback as well as new friends.

I am writing a dark horror/psychological thriller and this writing group seems like just my cup of tea. I hope you all will become my friends , give me feedback as well as critique, and join me as a community as I post chapters. I have already written 40 pages already over some months. As I have gone through them I see I have much correcting to do with grammar and description. I have 5 chapters currently I am comfortable publishing on here because they have been thoroughly gone over and corrected to my best ability. I will continue to correct and soon post more when I have the time to.

My story is called "He Who Lives Beneath the Shadows" and it mainly revolves around the psychological phenomenon of Stockholm Syndrome. It also involves many other issues involving the psyche. It is dark story and it deals with subject matter like abduction , rape , blood , sadism , and other twisted material. If you are open minded enough and this does not bother you , I welcome you to come and read.

Hello all.
My name is Kourtney.