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Mold growth is detrimental to not only the health of humans but also to the environment you are living in. Molds are basically minute living organisms called fungi which grow, reproduce and break down debris in the environment. These organisms grow by digesting organic materials and destroying whatever they grow on. Mold Inspections Miami are on a rise because of the rampant growth of molds in the locality. Mold growth is generally prominent on surfaces and can be detected in the form of green, black or brown discolorations. However, some growths are not visible to the eye and can spread sporadically in the home which can be a cause of concern. In such a case, extensive mold inspection is required to make sure that your home is safe.

Molds can grow and multiply whenever the conditions are right including sufficient moisture and organic material. For example, some of the areas in your home are prone to mold growth as leaky roofs, overflow of a sink, plumbing leaks, dryer exhausting indoors and so on. Condensation on windows and walls is also an important indication of moisture in your home which can cause easy mold growth. Miami mold testing ensures that your home is safe with the help of experienced and professional mold inspectors. Our certified mold inspectors can handle all types of mold including black and toxic, and fully go through the mold remediation process in commercial and residential properties. With over 15 years of mold removal projects, we offer a three-step mold removal process for your safety.

Our three levels of mold removal are recognized in the mold industry and are considered the gold standard for complete mold removal. The levels are as follows:

Level 1 Mold Inspection: The first step of mold removal is its inspection. Limited Mold Sampling is carried out to detect the presence of mold contamination in the client’s area.

Level 2 Mold Inspection: This level of mold assessment utilizes a visual assessment of the entire home, identified ‘red flags’ for mold, and a limited sampling for mold. If ‘red flags’ are found, the client is advised and provided the opportunity for further sampling.

Level 3 Mold Inspection: Clearance mold testing is designed to determine the success of remediation efforts. Clearance mold testing is provided for those remediated areas within containment zones.

All testing is done by EMLab and all of our clients are provided with a report within 24 to 48 hours after inspections are completed. If you are looking for mold assessment and removal in your area then you can contact us on 1-855-255-6653 or visit our website for more details.

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