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Working with Ingram

4 Years Ago

So I have been fighting with Ingramspark self-publishing alongside of Createspace. Createspace was super easy and best of all, free outside of the ISBN. Ingram, well, not so much.

All together I've spent around $150 to finally get my cover and interior files loaded since they charge for every upload of the interior regardless of whether or not it is appoved, $25 for the first cover upload and $49 to for each published title. Worst of all there seems to be next to no useful feedback about the services online. A lot of comparisons Createspace, but no straightforward answers.

I want my book to be returnable for bookstores, that's why I'm messing with it at all, but I'm curious to see if anybody on here has any experience with the company. If you do than I have one simple question: Was it worth it?