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I have decided to create this group for rather selfish motives. Sometimes I like to read poetry; sometimes even to write it. But one thing that perturbs me as I browse this site is the lack of any real punctuation in a lot of the poetry. Now, I understand this is a stylistic choice, but, as a reader I find it much easier to follow when the rhythm is guided by neat little commas, semi-colons, hypens and periods. That being said, my own use of punctuation may not always be correct, nor do I claim to be an authority in such matters.

So, getting back to the selfish part - for those who like to punctuate their poetry I have created this group so it can be submitted and I can read it; simple as that. In addition I may be motivated to host the odd competition upon the theme of the group, but I cannot promise that the winner will be awarded on merit... but simply on that which I enjoyed the most.

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