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Does punk still exist

12 Years Ago

Punk never seems to die the way the new fads of music genre seem to fade out. Punk  is more of a music standard equal to classical and jazz, that is my opoinion. On the other hand it seems that recently it has become something more of a secret society, which I think is even better. Any thoughts on this?

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12 Years Ago

I agree- I never believed that punk was dead, even though at first glance it seems to be. I believe it's very much alive in the underground, as it seems punk has been driven underground due to media attention and many imitators. Either sell out or go underground, really. At least, that's my theory.

And I think it's better that way. I mean, I'm not saying it wouldn't be great if it was as big a thing, as true and raw as it was in the beginning- but the state of the world and music at the moment, I think punk co-existing with every other "genre" ... it just wouldn't work. And as it is kind of a "limited faction" (for lack of better words) it kind of makes sure that you gotta at least have a good taste in music to get involved. If that makes any sense- maybe i'm babbling again (I tend to do that.)


Just my opinion.

Re: Does punk still exist

10 Years Ago

Musically, I don't think Punk is much alive anymore. Sure, there will always be an occassional pistols-esque band, but the same thing can happen to any other genre or cultre. Punk won't come back until people use their intelligence, that they know they have, yet are too whiney and righteous to grasp it. If that makes sense. Hell, I heard someone compare Cannibal Corpse to Agent Orange the other day. What's that say on "Punk?"   Culturally, Punk isn't gonna die. Ever. Period. Find some pissed off poor kid who uses their head for more than a hat rack, and you've got a punk. Punk was never started as Anarchism, it was meant to say that "I'm a person, with a mind." Though, not quite that pleasently, admittedly. If we can get out of this overly "woe-is-me" generation, MAYBE Punk will return.   In my opinion, at least.

Re: Does punk still exist?

9 Years Ago

I realize this post is old but I couldn't resist the question.  Yes Punk still exists.  Having been a former roadie and video guy for the Bendecos, I have witnessed that yes, punk is still very much alive.  

So many different forms though and most having been absorbed by the mainstream. Greenday crap, Billy Talent, Linkin Park, whatever.

Don't forget that The Sex Pistols were established as a means to rebel against the established Prog Rock scene - Yes, Jethro Tull, etc. They weren't actually formed to battle the establishment of government that was just a by-product of Punk music as the teenagers who were listening to it, were at that spot in the moment of time.  These were the children who felt ripped off, flower power dead and gone.  These were the angry mourners.

Much like the cycle of fashion, economic crisis and music it's all cyclical.  Punk will be back again soon but will never sound like The Sex Pistols. 

*some information was obtained through watching BBC History of Modern Music or some crap like that.

Re: Does punk still exist

9 Years Ago

I think for a while lots of bands used the image of punk and called themselves punk because it was easier to sell records and seem edgy. But to me punk is a way of looking at life and being true to yourself, sticking to your guns even when an easier way appears. In that sense punk will never die it will just take on new forms as new people embrace the idea. 

 You can only be punk enough for yourself, what other people call punk might not be what you call punk, anyways, I stick two fingers to fame, cheers.