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Other projects to look at (Please feel free to make a new thread !)

11 Years Ago

Continues to write like a playful Mistral

Dawn E Key :
Love is Suicide

A pre-announce hope this is OK
Ankhesen Mie

Fools Gold

a series of investigations into form and metre

Raven :
The mermaid:  social realist short story with a fantasy twist

Kiwi-LM : Luke is beaten up by his conscience but learns to ***** on it


Men and Menstruation, and scroll back for more acidic commentary

Emma : Sometimes what seem to be bad life choices can be for the best,

Fran Marie
I can't keep up just went to Frans page and there's like 50 new pieces
some one please report back (in a couple of weeks )

Snow Queen
I'm a psycopathic freak that will snap ur neck if provoked. Wanna see?
Enough said see more, and don't take the Nacho chips of her,  Just go and get some more out the cupboard  !


Various projects as Wy widens her pallete of skills