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Reason for this group

11 Years Ago

I now run a lot of groups for the great Universal public so this one is for me !

there is a bar on numbers, so this group willnever go above 20 if it needs to expand
I want to see (all tongue in cheek !) . if you wna to bring a guest (invite) please post their url in the forum under invites. Plus we can't leave Kiwi LM breaking logs all night so male company is fine !!

Frans Survivalist Bunker

Ankhesens Drive In Theater & BBQ

Emmas Peace Camp

Snow Queens " Retreat @ I'll break your neck " 

Kiwi_LMs Lurve Pad

Silver Moons Island Paradise

Maddys Pigeon Shoot

Fools Golds Prospecting Camp

J's Mountain Cabin

Dawns "You know I thought I'd have people round but now
I'd rather curl up with a book
so could you all ########## home "  Party

enjoy the scenery, twiglet anyone ?


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11 Years Ago

Island Paradise.. yeah, baby!!! My island paradise where you can relax the whole day or week from a stressful work out here in WC. Hehehhe!! :D

I'm thinking of eating roasted peanuts tonight... hhmmm... or I will drink hot choco instead.. ;p