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I'm 'literally' depressed. Lol.

11 Years Ago

Sometimes, I wonder whether I should even bother writing at all, when there are loads of other PUBLISHED writers who are so much better. Some may say that its the perfect reason to work your way up, but I'm not the kind of person who can analyse himself THAT well, so I put myself down, telling myself I'll never be as good, no matter what I do. Its almost like either I have to be as good, or else nothing. This leads me to another worrying predicament. Writers, well, GOOD writers anyway, write for themselves, because they love to write, nothing more, nothing else. So does this greedi to be the best mean that I'm just writing to impress people, and therefore I'm not a true writer? I want to be, but whenever I see a good piece of writing, my paranoia doesn't tell me to learn from it, but rather to just give up. On this matter, right now anyway, I am completely lost. Any advice would REALLY help.

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11 Years Ago

what i've read of yours is good
so why worry and who cares if it gets published ?
If you enjoy writing thats the reward
No reason why you can't have a back up plan and still write
You call though really KIWI
Hmmm I let you in my lounge ;-)
when you banged down the door *grin*
Have a look at Lukes rather bitter, and ironic work (also very funny ) at Kiwi LM