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This just keeps popping into my head.

13 Years Ago






          You can see them, but yet you can't, the quick fluttering of movement in the corner of your eye.  You can make out familiar faces and shapes but you can't be sure of what you just saw.  The figures linger for less then a second to almost ten seconds.  In the daylight they appear dark.  At night in the darkness they appear glowing, translucent.  You try to convince yourself you didn't just see what your mind tells you you just saw.  You blink or rub your eyes and go back to doing your everyday routine convinced it wasn't real, but in the back of your mind you know otherwise.  What you saw was real.  What you saw, was those whom live in the shadows. 




{I know there is a story in me that will eventually come to me, but for now this is what keeps running thru my mind.}