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Writing a sprawling, twenty chapter epic fantasy is difficult. Writing a 1 page letter that sums up that entire twenty chapter epic is even MORE difficult.

The harsh reality of the publishing world is that a book is very rarely judged by the quality of the actual book itself, but rather by the one page query letter that you send with it. If you cannot grab the agent/publisher's attention with one page, why would they spend time seeing if you can capture it in 300?

Here is where you can find a place to post your query letters for review by your peers. Writers, please remember to only post QUERY LETTERS here, as there are plenty of other groups to get feedback on your writing. Peers, please remember to be critical and specific. If you can state what works and what doesn't work clearly and concisely, you will be doing the author a much greater service than a simple "it's great" or "it sucks."

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