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Worldly Illusions

1 Year Ago

Worldly illusions are the most amazing and simmering part of our lives. These illusions seem so attractive that we lose all control and then our senses embark on a journey which never ends. Our minds fall into darkness which has always prevailed insides us but was yet undiscovered. Undiscovered thoughts are far powerful than the ones we have discovered as the thoughts which we discover become a mere tool of existence for us due to which we ignore them and are unable to understand their true meaning and effect. They can again be called discovered but yet unknown. While the ones which we have already discovered come into effect when our harrowing wisdom sleeps as if our wisdom was awake then we would not have been unknown by the bliss of these, "Yet To Be Discovered". These thoughts act against the will of the spirit thus against spirituality (which is basically the path of perfection, the only way to seek idealism). One which is not spiritual does not have reason, losing reason leads to the fall and destruction of the action taken and yet there are consequences which will have to be faced. So undiscovered thoughts which could have been the path or the clues for path of idealism, become our darkness. Why does this happen? What leads to discovery?" Sense" is answer to both the question.

Our sense of objects is the reason why we remain unknown from the bliss of awesome thoughts we have. Illusions are attractive. It creates even more attractive objects. Our future or so called "pseudo-life that we imagine ahead of time" seems stable, satisfied and happy (as we think true happiness lies in achieving objects created by illusion). One with a controlled sense is the one with the peace. One without it, is the one with desire to gulp up the world into himself. When desires are not fulfilled, it leads to dissatisfaction, which further brings upon impatience and increases greed. Hatred and anger rule upon our minds. And at last it is just destruction of our own gloomy self. Controlled sense of objects is achieved when we are attached to no person and to no place by ties of flesh; we accept good and evil alike, nothing is heavier or lighter; all is treated with equanimity; desires flows into us as river flows into the infinite ocean. It is when we emerge as victorious in achieving peace and thus on a perfect way to true spirituality and reason.

 When we are free from the desires and illusions of world, we reach the highest state of life. Once achieved this state then it never can be taken away. This is when all undiscovered thoughts show their reason of existence. It is when we realize true meaning of thoughts already discovered. Nothing remains unknown. But the way to idealism is still a long one. We are yet to be filtered and upgraded so that we become capable of receiving the light of idealism.....

"He who can withdraw his senses from the attraction of their objects, as the tortoise draws his limbs within its shell – take it that such a one has attained Perfection."-Lord Krishna.