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How archaic notions of sexuality and virginity are foisted primarily on girls.
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Seeking Idealism

1 Year Ago

I understood one thing spirit has no form. It is always present. It was not born. If put in other words, I could say Idealism has always existed and is same for all. A thing or a particular idea of idealism can only be true when there is no multiplicity of it. All is same and has always existed. It is our minds , our different goals which make us ponder to be different. We find compatibility to get a reason to find that idealism. We are fearful creatures and fear losing good. Whenever good comes we snatch it away. Its not being selfish , but being human. Its been a violation of our thoughts from the start. Each man has its own reasons and thus finds himself different but sometimes not great. Man finds himself great only when he has been once. Just once is enough for a lifetime to be great. But it is pseudo thinking. One who is truly great stays great not once not twice but all the time. When he falls, he becomes sad but not ignorant. That sadness gives birth to delusion. But then there is again a filter applied . Wisdom. One who is wise is always aware that sadness is not a term that is unborn , so it is not a part of spirit. For those who truly seek idealism which is not a part of spirit shall not be felt. Following your soul and spirit is the path to idealism. Each time a problem or misery arrives a filter is applied to human. It depends yet on the human if he decides to be filtrate or waste. Filters never reveal themselves but universe gives us clues through which these filters can be found within ourselves. We are source of everything. We just need to dig deeper...