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this isnt mine it was in 8 mile i juss figured id post somethin until i thin of somethin

8 Years Ago

okay folks, enough with the gay jokes. esspecilly from a gay broke...urself eyy low. this guy is doo doo, yu have worked here longer then me and i get paid more then yu do. dog take a seat, wats this guy standin in line for he aint got money to eat check this out..yo yo this guy cased his hole cheeck and bought one hoho...home lil maget, yu cant hack it. pauls gay, ur fagget. at least he admits it. dont even risk it. this guy is starvin to death someone get him a biscut. idk wat they told yu mike. yu must had them corn rolls rolled to tight.this job yu wanna quit but yu cant. yu have worked at this plant so long ur a plant. look at ur boots for christ sack there startin to grow roots. on this mic yu get faded. yu look like a rapper who never made it.y yu messin with the gay guy G, when really yu the one that got the HIV. man im done with this clown, its solf. ill let home girl finish yu off