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New Book

10 Years Ago

Hey everyone, i've posted the book My Vampire Love. Please check it out.Just some info about the book
on wattpad it's # 64 on the hot list
on bookrix it's gotten 134 stars

When Jen learns that ever since birth she has been engaged to the charming Eric Wilson and must marry him before she turns eighteen, she promises him a life of hatred and hell. And so far she's been doing just that.

But what happens when her past catches up to her and causes the walls around her to come crumbling down? What happens when she discovers that Eric is hiding a dark secret that can kill her? But more than that, what does she do when she realizes that she is falling in love with him?

Sometimes we don't know what we want, until the moment we're about to lose it.
A Midnight Society Novel

Thanks Guys