Read for Read - Review for Review (RFR)


A simple group for aspiring writers

Simply post any work you would like feedback for

There are 2 simple rules to being in this group though

1. If someone reviews your work and states they are from this group (RFR) you MUSTreturn the favor.

1. You can not be rude. Critics are wanted but be nice - telling someone their work is meaningless or just saying it is bad is just cruel.

If either one of these two rules are broken you will be removed from the group :)

Only 5 pieces of work at a time to keep it fair.

To get featured you must review at least 6 (RFR) members and inbox me stating that other wise i'll be unaware of that. You also have to make sure you haven't broken either of those 2 rules.

Enjoy <3

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Eternal Devotion

Eternal Devotion

United Kingdom

Been a long time since I put pen to paper (or fingers to key..



Bisma Ayoub

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Eternal Devotion

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