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How I met Damien

8 Years Ago

It was July 23,2012.I will never forget that day.
I was checking through boringly pointless statuses on a website.Mostly hmu's from horny guys and easy girls.It was almost ten thirty in the morning and I was about to log off.But something told me to refresh the page.I did and there was a status there from a guy named ''Damien.'' He was going to kill himself according to the status.I started to have a strong reaction over it.All I knew was he was serious and everything inside of me said ''STOP HIM!'' 

I messaged him right away and said exactly this .''Don't commit suicide.You have so much to live for.You are loved.You are wanted.You are liked...I know..I know its hard.I know it must really suck.I know sometimes it feels like you cant go on.But yes you can.You can do it!You can get through it!I believe in you! You have to believe in yourself.You can do it,you can get through this.No matter how big it seems,you can do it! It's going to make you stronger!Have some faith in yourself,believe in yourself!You are an absolutely amazing person.You are here right now,for a reason.You have a purpose.You are NOT a mistake.I know that I don't know you,I know that I don't know your story,but what I know is there is someone out there that loves everything about you.Even though it doesn't seem that way right now,there's someone who cares about you.You are not alone.You can do this!You are amazing,beautiful, courageous,AWESOME,person.You can do this.I wish you a long and happy life,full of blessings...please don't end your life..When you have so much to live for.''

He didn't reply for a very long time,I thought I was too late..While waiting I discovered he lives in the same area.I flipped even worse...If he died..He could be a neighbourhood kid..It'd be all over the newspapers...I had to stop him..We had too many deaths that summer,i couldn't let us have another..My heart beat so rapidly,faster than any time that I can remember.I started to slow down,my heart beat and breathing not knowing not to do.Waiting for these last few minutes felt like a whole millennium went by.

He replied I was relieved but still worried.
He messaged me back a link Julliet by Sonata Artica.
He told me to read the lyrics.He explained to me that the reason he wanted to kill himself is because he thought he found his Juliet,and he's lost her. 

After discussing his lost ''Juliet.'' 

He asked for my number,Okay, usually I wouldn't give my number to strangers,but he was a special case...and that is how  we became ''friends..''

The next day,he texted me saying he'd be in the area,he was going to go to the library.It was the perfect opportunity to meet Damien.I was at my grandparents,which isn't too far from the library.He had seemed to be better since yesterday,which I was glad for,and even though I had known him for a day at this point it felt even longer. 

Time lingered by...Spending an entire day at my grandparents was starting to get boring.Damien was going to be at the library soon,so,I asked my brother if he wanted to walk home,he agreed and we left.It was genius because the library was on the way home anyways,and I didn't want to be alone meeting a guy I barely knew.

Okay,let be back track for a second,Damien had profile pictures of himself on the website I met him on,but I didn't.So I knew what he looked like,but he had no clue on what I looked like.Hehe.Perfect plan.

When we got there,there was no Damien.My brother and I went inside the library and got weird looks by the old book worms.Damien texted me back sayign he'd be there ''soon.'' So my brother and I sat outside the library and waited.Well more like made fun of each other and joked around until Damien appeared.Then suddenly a car pulled up and my heart stopped.

He was tall,short dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes,with a smile that could stop traffic!My jaw dropped. He continued smiling.I introduced myself and my brother.He was stunning,I refused to blink,otherwise I'd miss a moment to see this World Wonder of a stunner.I was totally shell shocked.

''Hey,I'm Damien.'