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Anyone willing to co write?

10 Years Ago

Hello I'm J.L.G. I am huge writer when it comes to faerie stuff and Celtic Folklore based things. Anyways, I am working on series of short stories that compile into one. Pretty much the realms of faerie are divided into 5 courts. Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring, and the Dark Court. In the middle of the realms, there is an orb. The Dark Court wants to vanquish the orb and bring darkness upon all the lands. The characters of my story are all the royals and a couple of mortals who unfortunately fall in love with royals and get dragged along for the ride. Is anyone willing to co write this with me? I can send all of the info about the realms because I made a 20 page thing about it! 

Re: Anyone willing to co write?

9 Years Ago

Not sure if you are still interested in doing this. But I would love to co-write a story like this with you. I also have a rather well developed faerie realm I have been writing about. I've started a few short stories that takes place in the different realms. It does involve Courts as well. 
Anyways, I know this post is old, but if you still visit the site, let me know if you would want to do a story like this.