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hi! from the newbie

13 Years Ago

I'm new to Writer's Cafe. I stumbled upon this group and thought I'd drop by and say "hi!". So what kind of fantasy sub-genres are you all interested in? What are your current reads at the moment and what projects are you working on?

I've got a book on my shelf called Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook. I heard it was pretty good so I thought I'd give a stab at it. While my favorite author is Tolkien, I'm not one to write high fantasy.

Well, I hope to drop by sometime and see what stories you all have published on WC!

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13 Years Ago


It's nice to meet you! Currently i'm rereading the sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, but recently I picked up a new fantasy writer names Brandon Sanderson that I really like. I also like Tolkien, Robert Jordan and Anne Bishop to name a few. I hope you enjoy it here at WritersCafe!