For Booksie writers only!
This group is designed for former and perhaps current Booksie members that made up our little community.

Since people are joining, it gets hard for everyone to find everyone. In order to make the friend finding and reuniting process easier, we established this group to serve as meeting grounds. Everyone is very much welcome to invite their Booksie friends to this group, but we're keeping it limited to just Booksians because we need to find one another.

We're happy to see so many familiar faces and we can't wait to start reading and reviewing. :)
Let's rebuild the community we've always loved!

Rebuild, Reunite, Rebook. :)

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Lynchburg, VA

I'm new


The campfire!

-WolfReaper (NERV)

13 Posts

What Every Rebooked Member Should Know

Alice Oiseau

3 Posts

Super Flying Assassin Snail Ninjas

Eternally Elemental

3 Posts

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