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I wish to create a group dedicated to the reading and analysis of work that is not their own, meaning members of this group are exempt from submitting work for reveiw. We are dedicated to helping others with honest and constructive criticism. I wish to have 12-20 members who will choose members of the Cafe (either random or by reference) and review their work, hold discussions, and dedicate a thorough analysis of a good portion of that artist's work. The group should not expect anything in return. Again, I say, this is not a place to get your own work reviewed. This is a Reviewer's Guild and we will act accordingly. If you're interested please contact me and remember, this doesn't mean we can't review each other's work as friends. Anyway, hope to hear from someone soon. Peace. Sorry, we won't be reviewing until the group is more solidified and we have a better idea of how our system is going to work. Thanks.

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