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Vampires (2 person rp)

11 Years Ago

Vampires-beasts whom take on a human form and suck human blood. they can live of of animal blood, but why should this one? This vampire has a slave-me. sorry that i am being so secrative, i can't give out too much information about it all, i might be punished. I have no idea if there is only one living in this house, and i have no idea how nice he or she will be to me-but i do know this-i am scared for my life. i am open minded to a lot of things, but everybody thought that vampires didn't exist, right? Wrong. they do. now you ask how did i figure this out? it all started when i found myself chained to a wall. i heard a faint voice speaking to me, telling me everything. my eye sight was blurry, so i really couldn't see much, but it-the creature-told me that i was a slave to a vampire now. i don't know if it was the person speaking to me, but it said, "You have been brought here for a purpose-to be a slave to a vampire. first you will be fitted for some nice clothing-Master's choice, then you and your master shall meet-talk to each other." i am now wide awake, still chained to the wall. i pray it is not a male vampire of all things. i pray, i pray i pray. What if i feel in love with him and he with me? what kind of life would be next? besides, arn't the males meaner and don't they need more blood?the last thing i heard was, "Its ok, the vampire whom bites decides on weather you turn or not, but why would that vampire want to turn a human blood slave?" and i heard the pacing of feet out of the room. i am worried-i really am, feeling my pulse-my blood flowing through my veins was never so comforting-or frightining.   Name: Kuro Age: 14 gender: female species: human (vamp can have power(s) looks  

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