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The Royale

11 Years Ago

Ok, so this is my first thread and sorry if its boring, but I'm going to try. The Royale is an english ship, but not like a navy ship or anything. The Royale is a slave galleon that specializes in female slaves but is disguised as a privateer. You can be the captain, part of the crew, or an abductee. A.K.A. a kidnapped girl that is to be sold as a slave. If enough people want to do this, we will. Please keep it PG though, thanks!   Love, CreativeCookie                        Name: Brianae  Age: 15  Status: Abductee  Profile: Dark-brown hair,long. Blue-gray eyes, fair skin.
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Re: The Royale

10 Years Ago

I'm interested.

Name: Storm Delaway
Status: Crew
Occupation: Galley-worker/Cook's Aid
Age: 18

 Eyes: Icy grey
 Hair: Inky black and shaggy
 Skin: Olive; somewhat tanned
 Height: 5'8"