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RPG: Writers Cafe's Castle

14 Years Ago

This RPG takes place in a castle. Writers from around the worlds come in here to express there writing skills. You might even make a friend in here. You can be human, elven, faerie, or something else, your pick! Anything can and will go on here, I will leave anything that happens to you guys. Good Luck!

Skey, age 14, elven.

I walked in the castle and I was stunned. Everything looked brand new, like it was made yesterday when in fact it was made thousands of years ago. At least that's what the invetation said. I hurried up to my room. The scary part was that the room was exactly what I wanted it to be. Tired from the long journey, I took a long nap. Greeting the other people in the castle would have to come later.

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Re: RPG: Writers Cafe's Castle

12 Years Ago

Name: Lady Fea Firechanter
Species: elf
Age: 22

Fea entered the spacious hall. Tired from the trip, she paused briefly blinded by the bright light that was coming from the high Gothic windows. She was pulling her travel bag against the glass-like, beautifully decorated floor, when the bag opened and her belongings got scattered all around.
She expected much darker castle and this vivid atmosphere crowded with people and a lot of voices surprised her. She crouched and start gathering her stuff.
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Re: RPG: Writers Cafe's Castle

11 Years Ago

Sarai gasped, it was greater than she had ever imagined! After all those years of going to all-mortals schools, she was finally here! Ok, so she had had to beg and plead and bug her "parents" for years to let her come, but it all paid off. "I hope this year is better than all the others" she breathed, half-praying, half-pleading. She looked down at the key she had been given "dorm room 100056, wow, lots of kids here." She took the elevator up to the top floor and found her room. It was perfect, varying shades of blue and green, like the ocean, covered all of the walls but one, which had a floor-to-ceiling window faceing twards the lagoon close to the school. But that wasn't the best part, the dorm was laid out like a penthouse apartment. Her favorite three places were the rooftop garden, the kitchen, and her room. Her room smelled like the sharp scent of the sea, mixed with the sweet, spicey forest. Two more wall-lenth-and-width  windows opened up on different landscapes, one twards the sea, the other twards the forest behind the castle. She unpacked her things and headed to the bathroom to make sure her hair was in place. She looked into the mirror and began to smooth her hair over her ears, the most ovious giveaway as to what she was. When she realised, "I don't have to hide it anymore." she wispered. Then louder "I don't have to hide it anymore! I don't have to hide that I'm a halfling!" and with that freeing thought in her head she raced out the door, her door, she thought joyously, she wasn't about to give up a chance to explore!