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Crime Scene

11 Years Ago

This is a role play to help with character development. If you would like to participate please post I would like to play :] then create a character. Please use the following format:

Eye color:
Short Bio:
Personality traits:

(you may include a picture if you want)
Because this is a role play designed to help with character development I encourage that you later on (through out the role play) reveal nervous habits, pet peeves, reactions, thinking patterns, and style of talking your character has.

Story: In the town of Icecreek people have been mysteriously dissappearing. Days later their bodies will be found dead in the creek. In this small town where everyone knows eachother, Suddenly everyone is a suspect. The once happy town has now been lost to fear. Friends often test each other and everyone hates the police for the lack of information that's being released into the public.

Idea: The goal is to find the killer and put him (of her) in prison.


*If 3 people believe the same person is the killer they can report to the police and turn him (or her) in. If they are wrong they are put in prison. They can still participate but can only role play from the prison and can no longer make assumptions of who the killer is.

*There will be a third party of a Angel like character that will monitor this role play. The role of this Angel will be assigned and will be a third party outsider character. If the killer wants to kill somone they will have to Pm the angel character who they want killed and how if there are specifics


*Jobs will be assigned by the angel character and the killer will have 2 jobs (serial killer and an actual job)

*The killer will try to blend in. You can not directly ask who the killer is.

*If 3 people remain outside of jail and do not determine who the killer is within a role play day. The killer wins.

(any questions PM me or we can address this as a group)
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Re: Crime Scene

11 Years Ago

Will post my character tomorrow!