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9 Years Ago

Greetings Romance and Seduction Writers!! So I have a problem, I can not write the damsel in distress. Instead of strengthening my craft by forcing myself to write the poor pitiful maiden I stick to badass chicks. I am currently working on a novel about the Amazons (the mythical female Greek fighting force not the starving people in South America). The Amazons view men the way men saw women three hundred years ago. An Amazon insult would be "you hit like a man!"  and no self respecting Amazon would EVER fall in love with a man! Anyway, an Amazon is saved by a man (oh the humiliation) and the Amazon can't leave the man's side until she has repaid the life debt. Amazons DO NOT have a soft side. They don't apologize for killing. They don't need a moral reason to kill. They do what their commanders tell them to do without question. They are the immortal daughters of Ares and have been bred for combat. So, do you think it is too much to have my Little Miss Amazon digging bullets out of her shoulder with a military style knife? Think of Little Miss Amazon as a female Zsadist (the super hot super scarred member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood) or Zarek (the super hot used to be super scarred Dark Hunter). So ask yourself, would Z or Z dig bullets out of their shoulder with a K-Bar? Opinions welcome!! (If you think you've read this question before, you're not going nuts. I posted this in another group.)