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Looking for Beta Readers

8 Years Ago

Hello!  I am looking for about 5 beta readers for my erotic historic romance, Lotus Petals, as I prepare to self-publish it.  If you are interested, please send me a message.

Book Title: Lotus Petals

Genre: Supernatural Historic Romance/Erotica

Book Description: Rhiannon Donovan, daughter of the Vampire Coucilwoman of the Fourth Blood, has come to Edo Japan to meet the ruthless and powerful vampire daimyo she is engaged to marry. Rhiannon, however, has no desire at all for Daimyo Gohachiro or his rule. Instead, she finds herself falling perilously in love with Aijyn, one of his human courtesans...a love that will put both women--and the strength of the whole vampire nation--at terrible risk. (rated NC17)

Author's Note: I am chiefly concerned with plot and storytelling elements as well as the like ability of the characters and if they are compassionate, compelling characters. I'm not opposed to having grammatical errors pointed out, though.

Timeline: November 1st (though I am flexible)

I can provide the book in PDF Ebook format.