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8 Years Ago

share ur story here! ill start!

15 year old, Pressila May, is the dangerous duel fighter from the Eastern Village. If she kills another in a duel, her village wins food, and is able to stay alive. Vicious when it comes to enemies but warmed-hearted when it comes to friends, she has ease killing others in her duels. Being extremely skilled with swords, she has beaten multiple people and has killed easily, no matter the situation. Pressila and her closest friend Carius struggle through many conflicts with the dangerous and hate-filled world they live in, and their lives are threatened many times. Pressila makes it through many duals without being killed, but the 29th will change the outlook of everything. Wanting to run away from the terrible situation she is put in, Pressila and Carius devise a plan to end all of the killing once and for all. This story of treachery, action, and hopeless love will keep you on your toes at all times.