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14 Years Ago

Merry Meet!

My name is Amanda, but my craft name is Celestine Astraea Firestorm. I've been a practicing pagan for 7 years. I'm more eclectic than anything else, and my paganism comes out a lot in my writing.

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11 Years Ago

Hey! ^^ I'm Katchzen, also called Kat (because it's easy to for other people to remember and spell). I'm new around here, and I'm looking to meet some people and make some friends. I'm a bit eclectic with my beliefs, and there are some things I neither believe nor deny (such as what happens when we die).

Re: Introductions

10 Years Ago

Hello Every one :)   My name is Desiree, I'm 19 and I live in southern Indiana.   I have been agnostic for 6 years but the past two or three I've been leaning more towards paganism. I don't like to put a title on my spirituality. I'm interested in all religions but my heart speaks to Isis, when I pray or do rituals, I tend to focus on her. I try to keep an open mind, and am always ready to listen and learn.