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How Does Your Writing Help You?

10 Years Ago

For me, writing is a liberation from the pain in my heart. I can force it out and lock it forever on paper. The things that overwhelm me can be projected onto a protagonist that I can control, that I can save. Without writing, I'm sure I would have killed myself years ago. So I guess writing isn't so much a liberator as a savior.

So how does your writing help you? Does it help, or hinder? Why did you start writing?

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10 Years Ago

  I am not sure that writing necessarily helps me, but I have always been able to excape the world or life in a good book or movie.  Writing takes on a whole different form, it consumes me.  When I am writing my emotions and those of my characters mix together so much that I can't tell them apart.  If my character has trouble breathing or their heart is pounding I experience everything physically and emotionally that they are going through. The real world disappears and the world I have created becomes the only thing that exists.

Re: How Does Your Writing Help You?

10 Years Ago

im not so sure exactly how it helps me... it doesnt give me that high that cutting does but it definately releases my emotions in a much better way than sitting with a razor... im 15(almost 16) and i have cut since i was 11 so there... if not for writing and my best friend i would have given up on life a long time ago