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I see so many people posting essays or papers they have written for their classes anymore, and I figured I'd give them a place to put it. I'll proofread and make suggestions on anything that you may send into the group, and once I've done so any other group members can do so as well. I strongly suggest everyone try to take a look at other peoples papers here once in a while, when you get time.

Also, if you need help with a homework assignment, no matter what it may be, or help on choosing a topic or something. Anything really, feel free to start a thread. I'll check those out as well.

It would also be pretty cool if you mentioned what grade you were in somewhere in your paper, or at least what type of school you go to (middle, high, college, ect.) You don't have to. I only suggest this because I'm currently a senior in high school, but attending university as a first year. So that is the standard I'm going to judge everything by unless you say otherwise.

And finally, I need to mention that most of the work I do will be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. No work will be done on Tuesdays, for personal reasons. The other days, who knows what will happen. I will try my best. If you need something proofread by a certain date, please send me a message! I guess I'll keep myself as the featured writer so you can get a hold of me easily. I probably won't use features otherwise.

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