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Welcome to Scrivere, Escribe, Scribo!

9 Years Ago

Bonjour mon ami! Welcome to Scrivere, Escribe, Scribo, the Write, Write, Write, group of WritersCafe. 

Please post in this thread to let everyone get to know you a bit better! Here are a few questions to get you started:   

 1.   How long have you been writing? 
 2.   What is your favorite genre? 
 3.   What genre would you like to explore? 
 4.   Where do you draw most of your inspiration from? 
 5.   If you could describe your writing in one word, what would it be?   

Feel free to share whatever you’d like (within reason, of course).   Welcome to the Group! Enjoy your stay.

Re: Welcome to Scrivere, Escribe, Scribo!

9 Years Ago

‘Allo amigos!   So here’s a brief about me: I am a high school student and I’ve been writing ever since I was in first grade. But, honestly, I’ve always hated every moment of it. It was one of those things I would groan about (Oh my gosh, another writing assignment?!) and English hasn’t been to great of a subject for me. But, back when I was in elementary school, I wrote some interesting pieces (well at least they were good for someone that age) and it left a small flicker of hope. That didn’t stay lighted for too long :/ In middle school we were forced to churn out essays and my writing passion poofed. Sure, I was good at it, but I despised it. When I joined WritersCafe last year, that when I saw these amazing pieces (poetry mostly) that people had written and I though maybe I’d try my hand at a few. So, I’ve been writing poetry since then, and I've actually been enjoying it. It's not really a passion, it's just a way for me to express my feelings.   If I could describe my writing in one word, if would be: me. I pour out my emotions in writing, so my inspiration comes from what I’m feeling at the moment. Currently, poetry is the only genre I have up on here, although I have started a book (still seeing if I have the patience to write it). I’d be willing to try out other genres, but like I said, I rarely have the patience..   I look forward to being in this group :)
~Ami N.

Re: Welcome to Scrivere, Escribe, Scribo!

9 Years Ago

Hello everyone! I'm A. L. Allen; nice to meet you! :)

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I have constantly been dreaming up one story or another, and writing it down on paper. However, I didn't become serious about it until about a year or two ago; now, I just can't stop! :D

I would have to say that my favorite genre(s) is any type of Fantasy, with fiction running a close second.

I probably draw most of my inspiration from books that I read and movies that I watch; or, sometimes, if I see an absolutely gorgeous landscape. :)

Well, that's pretty much me. If you'd like to know more, go ahead and take a look at my profile... if you can handle it. o.O (*wiggles fingers mysteriously*)

Bye for now!

Re: Welcome to Scrivere, Escribe, Scribo!

9 Years Ago

[Summer D. reporting....]

Hello Lovelies,

To be completely honest; I've been writing ever since I can remember. Around first or second grade– What I consider my true writing ability didn't really begin until a year or two ago. That's when I started to take my writing a tad bit more seriously. I love all genres. It's very hard for me to pick one over the other, because I'm generally open to everything. That applies to exploring genres as well. I'm not going to be too picky.
The people and the world around me. My emotions and experiences fuel practically everything I write. Nothing is really without inspiration. You can't truly kill an idea once it's there (V For Vendetta reference). My writing? The word to describe it?

"            " That's how I'd describe my writing.

Heh; what a paradox right?


Summer D.