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Daily Writing Exercise #1

9 Years Ago

Daily Writing Exercise
April 23, 2012
My Name, My Life

What is in a name? A lot of people ask this question at some point, but not everyone has the same idea. Is it just a word? Is it something derived from an eloquent language we have since lost? There is no one right answer, and this writing exercise gives you the opportunity to share what your name means to you.


- Exercising creative writing skills.

- Describing what your name means to you.

- Showing yourself through your writing.  


Make a piece of writing that shows what your name means to you. There are no boundaries. Be creative, and let
your personality shine through your words.

When your piece completed, you can submit your writing to the group, or
reply to this thread.   Looking forward to seeing your writing!  

Sincerely yours,

Miss Evans (Scrivere, Escribe, Scribo Group Founder)