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Two stories worth reading.....

15 Years Ago

It is my advise to all who frequent here that you would read two stories that are pure literary genius.

The first would be the story "THUG" Written by: John(AGUDWUN) It is more than just a simple story, one can see how John becomes more and more focused as he writes from chapter to chapter. The story line having attributes that would appeal to both male and female readers.

The second story being "The Gorgon" By Kevin Connolly. It is an odd mixture between horror and Comedy. The story is suspenseful and unique.

I have thoroughly enjoyed both of these stories and believe others would too.

God Bless
Imogean~ ::smile::
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Re: Two stories worth reading.....

6 Years Ago

Dear Elegance,
Thank you for the nice
comments.   I have 
comments on the tip of my tongue, but you will have to wait.  Write to me and you will have those exciting coments.
---- John (Agudwun)