Senbon, Shuriken, Kunai...Oh My!


Naruto Fanfiction.....shhhh.....don't tell anyone.....

All ratings and pairings welcome, including but not limited to: Hyuugacest, Sandcest, Yuri and Yaoi. I only ask that you specify your rating (T, M, etc.) and pairing in a short summary, and DO NOT forget the disclaimer! We don't want anyone getting sued, now do we.

NO FLAMES!!! If you do not like someone's pairing, don't read it. It is that simple, no exceptions. Also, don't beat anyone down beacase they stray from the canon. Seriously, it's fanfiction, not microbiology. Anyone wishing to join may do so, but please keep submissions within the world of Naruto.

Believe it!!!

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I haven't logged in in 3 years..