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Sick of people trashing dark poetry!

15 Years Ago

I had to write this somewhere, thought id do it here seeing as i would be more understood! I am sick of people trashing the dark side of poetry, I write alot of sadness because its a part of me, something that, when i write about it, releases some kind of freedom. I never have thought life to be a bed of roses, so why should i pretend that it is? Dark poetry is Real, Gripping, Honest and from the lowest point of a persons heart. This needs to be read, more to the point this needs to be understood.

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15 Years Ago

I get what you mean. I dont write poetry but I have had people tell me that i need help because my stories are dark. Well, I think it is time those people realised that the world isn't always a nice place. There is bad stuff out there and if anything I write makes people aware of this and gets my point across then I have achieved what I wanted. Just because what I write leans more towards a dark side doesn't mean that I'm suffering from depression and need mental help.