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Welcome to Snow Falling From the Sun

12 Years Ago

Hello, everyone! I'm glad we finally got somethings posted (don't forget to review each other.) I'm setting up this thread so that we can get to know each other or discuss different stories. You can either do it in this thread or set up your own post. Just have with it.

I have only two rules right now:

1. Absolutely NO FIGHTING. debates are okay as long as they don't turn into anything bad.

2. No Trolling. I don't know if they have trolls on this site but I've seen plenty of people who say things just to pick a fight so none of that please.

Other than that, enjoy yourselves and write as freely as you want!

Thank you,

Autumn Twilight

P.S. Try helping each other improve their writing by aiding in editing, plot construction, and helpful comments. After all, you're not here to JUST enjoy the story.